Nose Surgery, Rhinoplasty

Nose Surgery, Rhinoplasty

Nose surgery covers a range of procedures designed to correct nose related health issues or to reshape the nose for cosmetic reasons. Cosmetic Surgery techniques can reduce or increase its size, change the shape of the tip or bridge, and narrow the span of the nostrils.

Prior to surgery Doctor Pat will consult with prospective patients, to determine expectations and to explain the procedure, including possible after-effects. This will also help the Doctor assess the patients’ suitability for Nose Surgery, and advice on likely results.

The Doctor separates the skin of the nose from the underlying bone and cartilage, and then sculpts the nose to the desired shape. For patients desiring a smaller nose, this is done by shaving the nose bone and cutting away cartilage. For nose augmentation, silicone implants are used. Once the “redesign” is completed, the skin is then secured to the new framework.

Following the treatment patients can return to their place of residence. Mild pain and discomfort may be experienced post-operation, for which prescription pain medication can be used. Some degree of swelling and bruising around the nose and beneath the eyes can be expected for a few days, but this is only temporary.

Patients are advised to avoid strenuous activity for 2 – 3 weeks, and to avoid rubbing the nose, or getting sun burnt, for 8 weeks.

Before-After photos