Mandible, Jaw Reduction

Mandible, Jaw Reduction


The jawbone plays a significant role in the width of the lower face. A prominent lower face is caused when the jawbones (mandibles) are thick and wide, or when the associated muscles are bulky. People, especially females, with wide lower faces will achieve a more balanced facial appearance following Jaw Reduction Surgery.

Prior to surgery Doctor Pat will consult with prospective patients, to determine expectations and to explain the procedure, including possible after-effects. This will also help the Doctor assess the patients’ suitability for Jaw Reduction, and advice on likely results.

The procedure is carried out under general anesthesia, although, after a period of rest and recovery at the clinic, the patients can return to their place of residence.

The Doctor makes an incision on the inside of the mouth and removes part of the jaw muscles. He will then shave the outer layer of the mandible resulting in a narrowing of the jaw.

Following the operation mild pain and discomfort may be experienced, for which prescription pain medication can be used.  Some degree of swelling can be expected and it is recommended that patients wear a compression dressing for a few days to minimize this.

In addition patients are advised to exercise the jaw by regularly opening and closing the mouth for the first 3 –  4 days.

Before-After photos